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Each baby from Adopt a Reborn Services is skillfully delivered by our team of artist ~ midwives. This assures each adoptive mommy will receive the most perfectly made and very best reborn possible. Each artist contributes her talents and specialties in creating your baby thereby bringing you the most realistic baby possible. No other reborns are created so wonderfully.

Cher Simnitt… I am a licensed midwife and have delivered about 400 real babies. I happened upon reborning shortly after the death of my handicapped mother. These incredibly lifelike baby dolls were just what I was looking for to fill the void. I have been reborning ever since. Mom and I shared a love for babies and dolls. Not a day goes by that I do not wish she were here to meet and enjoy the newest baby in our nursery. My strongest reborn talents are in mixing colors, skin textures, veining, ethnic skin tones, processing my own mo-hair and micro rooting.


Stef Baldwin… I fell in love with reborns and originally only planned to be a collector but being a miniature sculptor I have always enjoyed dolls, arts and crafts. It was almost immediate that I thought "I want to do this too!" I learn something new with each baby. My strengths are "painted on" hair and brows, tiny precision detailing of lips, creases and nails, skin modeling, rooting eyelashes, setting eyes and portrait babies. My love for both babies and this art form truly enriches me daily.